About SHR Design

Okay, In this fake world let’s keep it simple and honest. This is not a big company or it is not a company at all and not even a small firm. You can say this is one man army, gazing into his laptop screen from morning till night, just to make some of his dream come true.

The idea sparked to establish SHR Design started way back in February 2010, mainly focusing to provide services to Designers, Businesses, Property Developers and Engineers and many others.

Currently SHR Design specialize in Presentation Mockups, which allows the customer to display their ideas in realistic and aesthetically pleasing way.

SHR Design will try its best to provide the Best Solution at Best price always, and always stick to the policy of hard work and sincerity.

Please feel free to shoot an email if you have any queries.


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SHR Design

Just for formality, See what we’re all about

Our Services

Custom Mockups

We can make custom Mockups on orders.

Graphic Design

We do all kind of Graphic Design, Banner, Brochures, Print Design, Digital Graphics, And many more…

3D Visualisations

3d visualization, CAD and Digital Media Specialist.Architectural, interior and industrial projects involvement. Product modeling and presentation.


We provide all kind of illustration services, like Logo Designing, Vector tracing, Icon Designing, line drawings and many more


Lucknow, India
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