Frequently Asked Questions
  • Mockups are the best way to previsualize your product, it gives an asthetics to your design, and how the design is going to look like, before production.

    Mockups cover a wide range of products, almost anything present in the surrounding environment, from normal business cards, posters, flyers, or the plane above your head!

  • The psd files, each one has replaceable bg and Deisgn edited via smart object


    Double Click on the smart object layer named “PLACE YOUR DESIGN”, it will open in a new tab replace the design with your design .

    Save it And enjoy ! its done

  • Minimum required version Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later

  • We never sell or in any way misuse your personal information. We only use the information you give us to keep you updated about the happenings of SHR Design.

  • You are free to modify the resource as you like, but we are not legally liable for your misuse of our products.

    You are also free to purchase as many files as you’d like and use each file an indefinite amount of times.

  • You can’t resell, redistributive, give away, license, sub-license, or lease any of our resources to a third party—even if you purchased it. This license gives you exclusive rights, but those rights are non-transferrable to a third party. This means, you cannot upload our resources for distribution on your website, any media sharing tool, or any marketplace. You also may not include our resources as a separate attachment for your work.